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As a professional photographer based in New York, I often engage in TFP, or "Time for Print", sessions. This collaborative approach allows me and my models to work together without a financial transaction, where our time and skills are the currency. Through TFP, I expand my portfolio with diverse styles and subjects, while the models receive high-quality images for their own portfolios. It's an enriching experience that not only enhances creativity but also builds essential networks within New York's vibrant artistic community.


Passionate about bringing creative concepts to life, I'm always on the lookout for collaborations with professional models. If you're interested in a fashion shoot that pushes creative boundaries, I'd love to see your portfolio! Let's connect and create some stunning, fashion-forward imagery together!

Luxury, sports or retro cars

With years of experience in capturing landscapes and architecture, I am now eager to delve into the exquisite world of automotive photography. If you own a unique, rare, or vintage car, I would love to capture its splendor. Please reach out to me, and together we can create outstanding images of your vehicle worthy of gracing billboards in Times Square!


I am open to Time for Print (TFP) collaborations with models who meet the following criteria: Slim build, aged 18 to 35, and comfortable with tasteful, partial nudity. If this sounds like you, please reach out to me on WhatsApp or Instagram. Include a few natural, makeup-free photos that showcase your figure.

Shoots typically last between 1 to 3 hours. Models are responsible for the location and makeup. Ideal locations include spaces with ample natural sunlight, such as rental studios, hotel rooms with good windows, or your home. Outdoor shoots are also an option during warmer weather.

Before the shoot, we'll collaborate on the concept, select inspirational examples, and finalize your looks and the location. My priority during the shoot is to maintain a comfortable and safe environment, honoring your personal boundaries and preferences.


Attention to all theater and film actors, as well as ballet dancers! I'm excited to offer the opportunity for a unique and captivating portrait session. Let's collaborate to create stunning, expressive images that showcase your artistry and talent. Please feel free to reach out and let's make photographic magic together!

Video shooting on all of the above topics

In 2014, I completed my studies at the prestigious Higher School of Directors and Scriptwriters at Lenfilm, specializing in 'Directing Montage'. Since then, I have been honing my skills by creating various small clips. Currently, I am driven by a strong desire to produce a short, impactful clip, meticulously crafted with a well-thought-out script, ideally suited for the Reel format. This project is not just about storytelling; it's about creating an immersive experience that resonates with the audience.

Creative on the edge of insanity

I'm on the hunt for distinctive styles and audacious concepts to craft truly breathtaking, avant-garde imagery. Our project is an exploration into the depths of creativity, pushing beyond the limits of conventional thinking. If you're eager to experiment and bring your wildest ideas to life, this is your call to action. Let's collaborate to turn even your craziest visions into stunning photographic realities!

*photo by @sintezia

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